Hardship Scheme

At Pro11 we have always tried to keep our prices as low as we can, to ensure that our trials are accessible to as many players as possible.

We have also always informally offered free places to talented players who could otherwise not afford to attend, and are now delighted to formally announce our Hardship Scheme, effective for all trials from January 2023 until further notice.

Under the scheme we will make available a number of places on each trial free of charge. The number of available places will vary from trial to trial due to the size of the venue / number of overall players and also the demand for places, but will overall represent around 10% of places and will be available across all trial dates and locations.

Should you wish to attend one of our trials but cannot afford to pay, please make your application by clicking on this link and completing the form.


Applications can be made by the player themselves if they are aged 16 or over – if under 16 an application should be completed by a parent / guardian / family member and can also be made by representatives of the player such as a teacher, coach, carer, social worker etc.

All applications must be completed a minimum of 2 working days before each trial event. You should expect to receive a response by email within 1 working day, to advise if a free place has been granted. If we are not able to grant a free place, we may also offer a place at a reduced cost.

Please note that being offered a place on one of our trials via our Hardship Scheme does not guarantee that the player will be identified at the trial by any of the clubs in attendance, as this is purely the scouts’ decision on the day and is not under the control of Pro11.

Please also note that our standard Terms and Conditions still apply to players attending the trials through the hardship scheme, whether they have paid for a place or not. Full details of our Terms & Conditions are available at https://pro11trials.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/ 

If you have any questions at all regarding the above please email in confidence to info@pro11trials.co.uk or contact our friendly staff by telephone on 0161 850 8787 or message us by clicking the WhatsApp icon below.